AVP Manhattan Beach Wildcard Series Final (CBVA) Jul 29, 2023

In Manhattan Beach, California, for the CBVA Tournament, for the AVP Manhattan Beach Wildcard Series! What a day of awesome matches that came down to these very worthy pairs. Avery Poppinga and Madison Shields teamed up and were looking very dominant on the day. I could tell they were most likely making it to the finals, and I was right. I did not see Torrey and Katie Spieler until the Playoff round, and they were also on fire. Torey was blocking almost everything and Katie was making incredible plays. Two very worthy pairs on this day, were on a collision course for what would be an incredible final.

Let’s take you back, July 29th 2023 in Manhattan Beach, California! For the AVP Manhattan Beach Wildcard Series Final hosted by the CBVA: Avery Poppinga & Madison Shields vs. Torrey van Winden & Katie Spieler

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Included a few shots of the score in this gallery along the way, to give you an idea of who would emerge with the win. You’ll see just how close this final was! Near the end, Madison Shields got injured, but was able to recover and finish the match. Torey and Katie Spieler would come away with the W.  This final probably could have gone either way, but Katiea nd Torrey were tremendous and may have emerged victorious regardless.

A couple rallies filled with great plays, reminds me I need to start recording these matches for you as well. Please show your support to help us improve all we are doing to cover Beach Volleyball in Southern California. 

It’s an exciting time for beach volleyball in So Cal. The Manhattan Beach area will be pretty busy!

From 6-man, happening this week, to the AVP Tour arriving at the pier soon after, we hope to bring it all to you!

Stay tuned, as we will bring you more from this day of competition in the coming weeks!


*Update from November 2023 : We did make it out to 6-man 2023, and also the AVP Manhattan Beach Open, and more.

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