Differences Between Highlight & Full Galleries:

Thank you for visiting for beach volleyball action in southern California! Our aim is to bring you images that will help you feel like you were there, watching these matches live. Maybe you were there live? We hope these galleries help you relive those moments, especially if you were playing!

Having been a fan of Beach Volleyball for several years, playing indoor only recreationally during high school, it has been exciting to cover one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. During the past few years there have been several incredible moments on the sand that have been witnessed by our lenses. Thankful to have had the opportunity to be there to see it, and also to share those moments with all of you.

Recently we’ve put more focus, on our photo Galleries.

A major reason is that we are still a VERY small operation, and there are a lot of life responsibilities that make it challenging to update this site as often as I would like to. The time it takes to also write up a recap of the events that you’re witnessing, was too much – at this time. We do hope to bring our articles back in the near future, but there will be the occasional ones, like this update, in the meantime.

Till then, we want to bring your attention to our Galleries: and discuss the difference between our Highlight and Full galleries. 

With our initial goal of being a ‘photojournalism’ website/experience, we want to actually LET these photos tell you the story.  In our full galleries you’ll get a much better idea of what all happened, and will get even more highlights, than you will in the highlight galleries.

As titled, those are just the highlights. Some may tell you the full story, in a short sequence of 3-5 shots. But, the rallies … oh the rallies … some really incredible volleyball is played during those rallies that you’ll only see, in full context, in a full gallery.

While browsing our galleries, if you see the term ‘Highlights’ in the title, you’ll know what you’re opening. I love sharing the highlights. If you were not there, you might not know how each moment plays out. If you were, it’s fun trying to remember if that was the play, or if it was another one. Because of those time constraints there are several highlight galleries, that have been posted but not the full versions. Please, stay tuned for those.

Some highlights, may not go the way you think…

What a fun game, we thank you for stopping by to enjoy it with other beach volleyball fans. Visit our Support page if you’d like to support our efforts. Send us a message if you have questions.

Below, ‘full gallery’ of the 2024 3C2A Regional Championships played at El Camino College. (Part 3 below, see parts 1&2 now – and stay tuned for more from this tournament! Some of the very best college beach volleyball players are featured here: )

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Our “Featured Image” is from the Highlight Gallery of the 2024 Michelob Ultra Premier Women’s Open, in Hermosa Beach (CBVA).

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