Updates – March 13, 2022

Thanks for visiting our website. We have a ton of content coming your way soon, but I figured I’d use this to ‘update’ everyone who stops by.  I actually didn’t realize beach volleyball season was kicking into gear right as I was getting this website together. Already having a lot of great content from the AVP in Manhattan Beach, last August (2021), plans were forming … to do our part, to help expand the coverage, of beach volleyball.

Had the pleasure of seeing some great volleyball competitions already, and hope to be able to capture more of it, in the coming weeks.


On Saturday, I was able to get quarterfinal and semifinal action in the CBVA Women’s Open division, as they kicked off their 2022 season. Brittany Tiegs and Iya Lindahl would end up winning over Teegan Van Gunst and Cecelia Agraz. I didn’t get their Finals matchup, but do have images of their semifinal sets, against Halle Hunt and her partner McKala Rhodes, and MacKenzie Kleespies and Deketa Stubblefield, respectively.  Again stay tuned for these images!

I’m working on fixing a few backend matters, which should be resolved this week. Want to get that all set to go before I ramp up with too much – however stay tuned for some great volleyball action!  True to photojournalism as possible, our photo galleries will ‘attempt’ to give you a sense of the action & emotions on display.

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[…] Open Division, in Manhattan Beach, California. This is one of the two Semifinals matchups, with Halle Hunt and McKayla Rhodes facing Iya Lyndahl and Brittany Tiegs.  Lyndahl/Tiegs would go on to win and advance to the Finals, eventually taking the championship […]