Ventura College visits Goldenwest College for Beach Volleyball (February 16, 2023)

Part One – around 12 days ago, Goldenwest College hosted Ventura and Westcliff on their wonderful sand court.  We were in Huntington Beach for beach volleyball, just before the weather went a little haywire by our California standards.  Ventura would defeat Goldenwest, but would fall to Westcliff who’s beach volleyball program went undefeated on the day.  Below are a few photos from the competition that day.

Goldenwest vs. Ventura College (part 1) – 2023 Beach Volleyball Season

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Ventura would win 5-0 against Goldenwest. See part Two of this match here: 

Featured in this gallery :: the 2’s : #15 Olivia Slettem/#11 Ashley Johnson (Ventura) vs. #15 Paige Phillips / #2 Genna Ambroso of Goldenwest: That match was 2-0 for VC @ 21-8, 21-12
and #16 Kayla Murdoch/#1 Autumn Rojelio Moreno also winning 2-0 over #11 Iliana Galindo/#1 Maci Hendry(of Goldenwest), 21-16, 21-9 on the 1’s.

Read a recap, from the Ventura College beach volleyball website.

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More from the early 2023 Beach Volleyball Season:

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