Spring Beach Volleyball 2023 Season Updates

We’ve got some updates for fans of beach volleyball in southern California. What a 2023 College Beach Volleyball season it has been!! Are you following our official page over on Facebook?  If not, stay tuned for a few ‘updates’ we have shared there. We have captured a whole lot of the action happening, but there’s been so much we have missed out on too!

This season started out with record setting rain here in Southern California. It was great for our gardens, blooms are being seen from outerspace. But it made watching, playing, and photographing beach volleyball almost impossible! Several matches were cancelled, or relocated.

But as Spring arrived, the weather warmed up, and it’s been a phenomenal close.

Stay tuned for the photos from the OEC Pairs, in Irvine California. IVC is one of the nicest on campus sand courts I’ve had a chance to visit. We were there in 2022 as well for the OEC pairs, and have not yet shared those images here. Those are also, coming really soon!

Earlier in April, we were there in Santa Monica, to capture Ventura College’s amazing 2023 season. Beating Santa Barbara and Moorpark.  Images from this competition, are also, forthcoming. This duel included Bakersfield, and host Santa Monica College. A few teams we also caught earlier in the season.


We were Also out in Manhattan Beach, California for the East Meets West 2023 Beach Volleyball Challenge – SO much talent in beach, that weekend, was on display!


Hosted by UCLA, several of these teams have since gone on to win their conference championships. Like, Florida State, LSU and TCU were in competition today, for the CCSA. LSU and TCU will play Saturday, to see who takes on Grand Canyon for the championship.

UCLA went on to win the Pac 12 Championship, hosted by Stanford University. 



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We’ve shared a few images from Day one, and actually already have day two uploaded. We just need to make it available, and that should be any day now.

As this season continues into the Summer, we may need some volunteers to help us cover all of this amazing beach volleyball! If you’re interested, be sure to contact us today!  Submit your reasons for why you’d be a great addition to our team. Experience playing beach volleyball helps!!


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