AVP MBO2022 Throwback: Germann/Ekstrom vs Jerger/Skjodt

A throwback from 2022 – the AVP Tour Manhattan Beach Open. This is the conclusion of our photos from the match between Skyler Germann/Charlie Eksrom and Macy Jerger /Carly Skjodt.  The team of Skjodt/Jerger would come away with the win.  This match happened on August 19th, 2022 – 

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The AVP Tour returns to Southern California this year!

We are hoping to be there to bring you more beach volleyball in Southern California!  Check out the first part of  Charlie Ekstrom/Skyler Germann vs Carly Skjodt/Marcy Jerger AVP 2022.

You can also watch the video replay of their match as well. 

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