Friday AVP Tour – Huntington Beach 2023

Real quick, these are some of our Images from Friday, May 19th in Hungtington Beach.

AVP Tour 2023 – Relive these moments from the official opening first round –

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More information on these incredible matches we got to see:

If you stopped by when we first published this photo gallery, thanks for your patience. I went out of town the following Tuesday for a week, and then took another week off when I got back to Southern California. In case you haven’t already figured out who you are looking at above, allow me to update you now!

First up, is Brandie Wilkerson and Melissa Humana-Paredes.  This dynamic pair has won a few AVP Tournaments before, and have great chemistry with one another. They took on Kim Hildreth and Teegan Van Gunst, who are really competitive. Wilkderson & Humana-Paredes would take the match in 2 sets.

Then we brought action from a couple Southern California Beach Volleyball College legends.

Kelley Kolinske, a 4 time AVP champion, from Pepperdine University, teamed up with USC Great, Hailey Haward. They took on another great pairing, of Carly Skjodt (who we’ve caught in action at AVP Manhattan Beach 2022) and another Great from USC, Geena Urango. Kolinske and Haward would pull out the victory, in 2 sets. Both were pretty close! 

Lastly, as we moved into Round 2 on the day, a few images from Julia Scoles and Betsi Flint, taking on Sarah Sponcil, and Terese Cannon. All of these athletes are legends in Southern California Beach Volleyball. Sarah Sponcil represented the USA in the 2020 Olympics. As it should have been, it went the full 3 sets. Scoles and Flint pulled it out, 18/16.

Stay tuned, for much more from all 3 of these sets, as well as the action we captured on Championship Sunday.


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