Historic MBO 2023 for Two Huskies

Taking you back to an Historic AVP MBO 2023 for two University of Washington Huskies. Chloe Loreen and Natalie Robinson put on a performance for the books at this tournament. They were the first pair to ever beat a #1 ranked team in the first match. Then the two hung around the winners bracket for 3 more rounds, beating more top competition. We were there for Saturday, in what would be their final match in the Contenders bracket.

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Facing Megan J. Rice and Brooke Bauer who had a real decent MBO 2023 as well.  Rice and Bauer beat every team in the contenders bracket until they ran into Julia Scoles and Betsi Flint, the overall #1 seed that fell in their opening match. Scoles and Flint would eventually win the entire tournament.

In other words, Chloe Loreen and Natalie Robinson took everyone’s best shot, and left their mark on this weekend.

This match went 3 sets, was tied 7-7 at one point. Really could have gone either way …

What an historic MBO 2023 for the Beach Dawgs – here in Southern California.

Relive one of the more exciting matches of Survivor Saturday. Thanks for visiting

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