CBVA Women’s Open: June 17th 2023: pt. 1

A throwback to June 17, 2023 in Manhattan Beach CA. It was a strange summer in Southern California, and this morning was no different. It was overcast with moments of sunny. Also it was early into the Summer of CBVA Tournament play.  One of the bigger tournaments of the summer in terms of how many teams were competing. Here are some images from the Pool Play – part 1

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Stay tuned as we have more from this competition on the way. A few faces you might recognize include Savannah Standage (LBSU) & Erin Inskeep (who would finish in 5th). Also from the University of Washington Beach Volleyball, Scarlett Dahl, Pippa Monk Heidrich & Zoey Henson. (Monk & Dahl also finished in 5th). There’s also a great block from Jenna Colligan (of Cal Beach) with her partner Macey Butler (Texas Beach volleyball). They tied for 3rd on this day.

We also Caught Alana Embry (Hawaii Beach) making a few plays too – with her partner Alexcis Morris, as they faced Zoey and Alexandra Adishian (of Cal Beach)

More Beach Volleyball in So Cal Below:

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