Goldenwest Hosts Ventura & Cerritos in 2024

Back on February 15, 2024 Goldenwest hosted Ventura and Cerritos beach volleyball. The weather was pretty nice on this day in Huntington Beach, California. We were there to catch some great beach volleyball action including a Cerritos team that has a lot of talent. Ventura came into the matches on this day looking very ready for another strong 2024 beach volleyball season.

Several Galleries from this day are up, with more on the way!

We’re starting the process of looking for help with writing some of the recaps for our website. It’s faster for us to get new photo galleries up than it is to get recaps ready. Just in case you’re looking for a match, be sure to check the All galleries section, to see all of the beach volleyball we’ve captured, in southern California.

The day started with Goldenwest vs. Cerritos. Here is part 1:

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Check out more beach volleyball from this day at Goldenwest College:

Goldenwest would lose both matches against Cerritos, and later Ventura College. We happened to catch Cerritos again, a couple of weeks later at Long Beach City College.  Cerritos has a very talented scrappy team, that is currently at 6-5 overall on the season. Meanwhile Ventura is currently sitting at 6-4 overall. We might catch all 3 programs again, before the 2024 beach volleyball season ends.

Check out some of the recaps from the winning beach teams’ websites here:


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