From Big West to East Meets West

The last couple weeks I had the chance to see some pretty incredible displays of beach volleyball. Stay tuned as we have a TON Of galleries on their way to our pages really soon.  At the end of March, I made it out to Goldenwest College located in beautiful Huntington Beach, to see them take on Concordia University (Irvine, CA) and also, Irvine Valley College.

Then, I caught the tail end of Day 1, of the Big West Challenge, out in Long Beach, CA. Many top programs were at this event, including Long Beach State (the host), Sacramento State, UC Davis, Cal Poly (San Louis Obispo) and University of Hawaii. I’ll add the team rankings in an update, to this update soon.

On Day 2 of the Big West Challenge, I was able to get a few more shots of the action – but – I cut it short!

Day Two was a short outing but I still got some great action for you, however, before leaving. Truth is I did a lot of shooting in a 24 hour period, so It was a good time to call it a weekend.

Just this past weekend, I once again was treated to incredible matchups, featuring several of the top teams in the nation.  The East meets West Challenge (aka the UCLA Invitational) took place in Manhattan Beach, CA.  It featured teams such as, TCU, LSU, Utah, Hawaii, LMU, UCLA and USC!

From Big West to East Meets West – Fantastic Couple of Weeks in Southern California for College Beach Volleyball –

For those not following, UCLA and TCU ‘were’ the only undefeated beach volleyball teams in the nation, until Thursday (a couple days before the Invitational happened).  UCLA got their first loss, to TCU, leaving them as the only Undefeated team in the nation.  (With a long weekend in Los Angeles, taking on several top 10 ranked teams how long would this last?) TCU and UCLA  had a rematch, that Saturday (April 2, 2022), not sure the schedule gods knew this would happen. TCU gave UCLA another loss!

But, USC made sure that the Los Angeles Area didn’t allow TCU to leave the state of California, without a loss, giving them their first defeat of the season, with a final duel score of 4-1.  If you were able to attend, you saw some great matches all weekend long! Looking forward to sharing more of the scenes with all of the beach volleyball fans out there, from sunny southern California!

Stay tuned, our photos from these incredible weekends are on the way!

Update: (4/22/22) – a couple galleries are now up

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