Debut of Cuesta Beach Volleyball 2024

A couple weeks ago, we were there to witness the debut of Cuesta Beach Volleyball, in its inaugural 2024 season.  Their opening matches occurred at El Camino College, in Torrance CA on January 26th, 2024. They would take on one of the top 3C2A programs in the Southern California region, Rio Hondo.  This gallery starts, with the end of the match between Rio Hondo and Fullerton College, who would fall to Rio 5-0.

Debut of Cuesta Beach Volleyball vs. Rio Hondo part 1 – below:

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Cuesta vs. Rio Hondo starts on ‘page 3’ of this gallery, featuring the very first serve in the history of their beach volleyball program.

Cuesta returned to southern California just this morning, February 9th, but we were unable to attend their matches out in Huntington Beach. Taking on Goldenwest college and Mount S.A., on the Newland courts of Huntington, Cuesta would fall 5-0.  The week before, Cuesta hosted at home, and earned their first W at the 4 pair of Freeman/Lo Jocono.

Cuesta is now 0-3 overall on the young season. See more from Cuesta College sand volleyball here in the no commentary galleries 

El Camino was also in competition, against Miracosta and Bakersfield College, a repeat from their schedule last season. We were not able to attend this match either, as the weather in Southern California does not seem to know it’s beach volleyball season, yet.

You can see some photos from kick off of the 2024 beach volleyball season El Camino here: 

While beach volleyball is underway, 3 weeks in, for the 3C2A, the NCAA beach volleyball season is just around the corner. Stay tuned as we do plan to cover as much as we can. It’s already shaping up to be a very competitive season for many of the Southern California Beach volleyball College programs.

This game continues to grow and the amount of talent expands each year. Several of these athletes spend hours training and improving their skills. It shows up in the competitions that we’ve been able to see.  Come back soon for much more beach volleyball in Southern California. Find out where our camera ends up next!


Historic first serve of the Cuesta Beach Volleyball program, at El Camino College, Jan. 26, 2024 - was there -
“They were the last to warm up and the first to get started” – was overheard from the sidelines, as Cuesta Beach Volleyball officially began their inaugural beach volleyball season – we were there for the first serve in program history
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