Belmont Shores Nov 12, 2023 Final: CBVA

From the Finals In the CBVA women’s AA tournament, hosted in Belmont Shores, California on November 12, 2023. A great day of beach volleyball, and two very deserving teams met to decide 1st place. Viri Serrano & Morgan Nash, taking on Rachel Miller & Candace Palmer, in a highly contested finals battle! This was definitely a great way to end this day.

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One of our largest galleries on the site, there are over 175 photos in this, the 10th of 10 total for the Belmont Shores Nov. 12, 2023 CBVA

Viri Serrano and Morgan Nash would come away with the victory. Palmer & Miller were not easy to defeat. We were able to get a glimpse of the joy and relief on the faces of the champions for this fun beach volleyball tournament, in Southern California.

Being that it took a bit longer to get these galleries up, I jumped ahead to the Semifinals from Belmont Shores, and also these Finals. We’ll be sure to double back and bring you photos from earlier in the day, for our Throwback Thursday Beach Volleyball and Wayback Wednesday posts (in the future). 

Once again, we thank you for dropping by!  You can support our coverage of beach volleyball in Southern California, by donating here. Your support will go towards helping us improve all areas of our operations. As shared on our social media platform (facebook) we experienced some technical difficulties during November & December. The athletes we cover don’t make any excuses however and so we don’t want to make any either. Again we thank all who were waiting on these photos to be published for your patience.

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You can now see the earlier action from this Belmont CBVA Tournament


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