The Nourse Twins at AVP Manhattan Beach Open 2022

The AVP held their Manhattan Beach Open, just this past August 2022 and there was some outstanding volleyball being played. We’ve got plenty more from that day of competition on the way, but just wanted to share these photos with all of you! The Nourse Twins, Audrey Nourse and Nicole Nourse, were in action just as I arrived. They were matched up against, Teegan Van Gunst and Aurora Davis.

I caught a few moments from the end of their match.  Unfortunately for Audrey and Nicole, this looks like it was the end of their outing for the weekend.  Davis and Van Gunst would get the victory.  These photos are from Saturday, August 19th.

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Here is video footage from that day as well (I did not record this – the AVP Tour on YouTube – )

See more action from the Manhattan Beach Open, of the 2022 AVP Tour

also more images of the Nourse Twins in action from the 2022 collegiate season, for USC vs. Hawaii.

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