Our Instagram is Up – Finally

Finally, got our Instagram up. There were some complications early. I actually signed up for the Instagram, under our ‘actual name’ but somehow the verification process didn’t work. So the account is registered but, can’t access it. Had to go with this handle instead – @socalbeach.vbplease stay tuned while we get more content up.

We just posted a few images from this past Sunday August 13, 2023, in Santa Monica CA, for the CBVA Women’s Open tournament.

A group of beach goers were walking by, and one said “these girls must be professionals”. One of the members in the group said “yea, she’s AVP and she went to UCLA”. He was referring to Abby Van Winkle and Aurora Davis, who made it to the final. The duo of Brooke Rockwell and Chloe Hoffman, who are both headed to Stanford.

There were Lots of great matches, with several top beach volleyball players – from several of the top colleges in the nation. Players from Cal, Stanford, UCLA, UC Davis, Texas, and more were present. We will get the full gallery up here real soon!

Also, planning to post a ton of throwback content from the past two seasons we have covered.

Check out some previous CBVA & 6man 2023 galleries here:

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And, of course, make sure you visit and follow us on Instagram!

  • quick notice : it does take a while to get our images up; can sometimes take a few hours just to post one match. There is a backlog of content I’ll be sharing throughout the rest of the year and into next year. With the Socials it’ll be easier to at least get a few up sooner, while you wait for the full gallery on the site. If you’d like to work with us, to help us with getting our content up faster, the best way is to support our efforts by donating here :: 


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