Long Beach State Invitational 2023: Visiting Teams Preview

Just a preview of the action from this past weekend in Long Beach California. Matches that were supposed to be held at Long Beach State (on their Sand Courts) were moved over to  Long Beach City College.

The facilities at LBCC are more than capable of hosting top 20 ranked beach volleyball teams, and a few up and coming programs in the nation too. Games were on Friday & Saturday, with Cal State Northridge appearing on Friday only. They went 2-0 over Utah & Texas.

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The Texas Beach Volleyball team is in their inaugural season. They came into the weekend winless, hoping to leave California with their first W. (stay tuned to find out if that happened…)

Utah came to town, competed well and went 1-3.  Stetson came in (from Florida) ranked 16th in the nation, and went 2-2 over the weekend. Both losses were to the #13th ranked Long Beach State, the hosts of this invitational. (read more below from our facebook)

From our official Facebook page – be sure to follow us there for more Beach volleyball in Southern California

Due to rain in southern California, games were moved from Long Beach State. I didn’t get the memo, and went to Long Beach State instead of LBCC. So, we missed the morning matches with Texas vs. Long Beach, and Texas vs. Cal State Northridge.  A bummer, as we were hoping to see much more of the Texas beach volleyball team. However what we did see, gave us confidence to say, this will be a great program in a few years.

Stay tuned for much more from this exciting weekend, of beach volleyball in Southern California.


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