Fall CBVA in Belmont Shores (Nov 12, 2023)

Happy New Year to all of you from!

On the way a look back at Fall CBVA in Belmont Shores, California.

Our seasons greetings to you, hoping your 2023 was wonderful too!

We still have coverage of the 2023 season that we’ll continue to update as the 2024 season approaches soon. Please be sure to make donations here if you’d like to support our efforts to bring beach volleyball in Southern California more coverage.

Part one of Fall CBVA Women’s AA in Belmont Shores (Long Beach, CA), November 12, 2023.

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Some highlights from this tournament were originally shared to our Meta platforms (Instagram/Facebook ). As always if you are one of the athletes in our galleries & need photos from us, please contact us on Instagram so we can verify that it’s you.

Check out part Two of this CBVA tournament here: 

This was one of the last CBVA beach volleyball tournaments of 2023. A very competitive group hit the sand and was a lot of fun to watch. Tons of close matches with incredible plays being made throughout the day.

We hope you get a sense of being there … more from Belmont Shores, is on the way, including CBVA beach volleyball from Summer of 2023.

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