LBSU vs Stetson #3 Holland Jackson/Sydney Stevens Win

Here are some images of the action on the #3 courts at Long Beach State’s Sand Courts, March 1st, 2022. A few of these images were also in our initial post, with promises to give you more of the days action. Stay tuned for even more from this matchup between two incredible beach volleyball programs in the NCAA.

Holland Jackson and Sydney Stevens of LBSU would defeat Gabriella Bramante & Karin Zolnercikova of Stetson: 18-21, 22-20, 15-13

This was a really close matchup. It would take 3 sets for the team of Holland Jackson and Sydney Stevens to overcome Gabriella Bramante and Karin Zolnercikova.

Some of the action below!

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Much more from the action at Cal State Long Beach, coming your way, here on!

*March 8, 2022 Update :: around 60 more images were added to this matchup gallery – leave a comment below!


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