East Meets West: UCLA vs. LSU 2022 Beach Volleyball Season

Flashback to the East Meets West Challenge, from April 2022 in Manhattan Beach.  UCLA was the #1 beach volleyball program in the nation this weekend.  LSU was ranked #6, and these would be closely contested matches in the sand this day. UCLA would narrowly defeat LSU 3-2. Here are a few images from the first part of this matchup, with more on the way soon! Stay tuned!

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Gallery opens with Kylie Deberg and Kelli Greene-Agnew from LSU, taking on Lea Monkhouse and Rileigh Powers on court two.  Deberg and Greene-Agnew would come away victorious.

Up next in this gallery, Natalie Myszkowski and Sophie Moore would defeat Grace Seits and Ellie Shank from LSU in 3 sets.

Much more from this contest of two 2022 top 10 beach volleyball programs is on the way!

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